Thursday, July 24, 2008

Melody II

Leona Lewis - Take A Bow

The flowers are faded now,
along with your letters
They will never
see the light of day,
cause I'll never take them out
There's no turning
it's for the better

Baby I deserve more than empty words
and promises
I believed
everything you said,
and I gave you the best I had

So take a bow,
'cause you've taken everything else
You played
the part,
like a star you played it so well

Take a bow,
'cause the scene is coming to an end

I gave you love,
all you gave me was pretend,
so now take a bow

The future's about to change,
before you know it,
The curtain closes,
take a look around,
There's no one in the

I'm throwing away the pain,
And you should know
made me strong enough
So take a bow,
'cause you've
taken everything else

You played the part,
like a star you played it so well

Take a bow, 'cause the scene is
coming to an end
I gave you love,
all you gave me was pretend,
so now
take a bow
Well it must have been sleight of hand,
'cause I still can't
Why I could never see,
just what a fool believes
But the lies they start to show,
tell me how does it feel to
right now That I won’t be around,
so baby before what

Take a bow, 'cause you've
taken everything else
played the part,
like a star you played it so well

Take a bow,
'cause the scene is coming to an end

I gave you love,
all you gave me was pretend,
so now
take a bow

'cause you've taken everything else
You played the part
like a star you played it so well
take a bow

Wednesday, July 23, 2008



而且因为Heavy Work所以都不知道要怎样把时间分配好,不过还好有你会体谅我、明白我。

forever love forever love




Sunday, July 20, 2008












Friday, July 18, 2008




Melody I

Forever - Plus One

I love my life much - "Trust, is the key of confident in between of a relationship"

If it's Past, Just make it as Memory (Part II)

Dear Yin,
I know that you will be very angry or sad if you'd read through the part I... So, I would like to let you know my true heart voice.

I know that you are even more hate people's ex-gf due to your unhappy past experiences. Until now, please remind whatever I told you,
Neither bad nor good is should be expected in life, If either
one of them is born in your life, just treat her as your child
Please be believe me that I will treat you good and loving you right. Whatever I told you before are truth and won't be any lie.

Besides that, I really hope that you can really study hard, study smart but I'm not stressing you and all is on your willing. Wish that our love can be longer or everlasting.

My family is cruel, they will just look at the certificate you hold, the qualification you acquired, and even the money in your pocket. Hope this will not tension you.

Darling, I really feel the happiness with the comfortable that I have never get. So, I will payback you with a heart full with my love.TRUTH.

Secret: While holding your hand and walking on the tension pathway, I feel it is hard to walk closer to you when you are in front of me.

If it's Past, Just make it as Memory (Part I)

Dear Yve,
It's too unexpected that you are the one be active and send me a message. It's glad to hear you are forgiving me and accept me as your friend for the future time too. Even though you think that you are guilty that you were treat me cruel for the last time. 6 months, There have 6 months or more that I've everyday dream about your back.

Honestly, you should not or not needed to make me an apologize because that is all because of my stubborn, I should not tear off your freedom from leaving me. I'm the one treated you most cruel. Scare that I will ever lose a best friend like you.

2005-2008, there have about 4 years we'd know each others and we are together in hard but everyone is looking at us with jealousing eyesight before. I think that would be the reward for the efforts I put on you.

Thank you very much to letting me learn more about LOVE and LIFE... Promised, I will be stronger and can be stand alone to facing all the problem that coming soon. Really thanks for your forgiving and willing to be my friend more...
Cheers Up, Friendship forever...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


就赶快随便看看再概念下Case Study的东西,还好我有我的好朋友,好“同事” 他们一早就做好的了,但是我还有罪恶感也~







Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happiness after a "downhill"

Already can't remember that I had totally lost control of myself and being a beast that will roar and scream when previous love is losing....

However, I met someone that love me much and I can fully relax to love her too right now. Even though she is younger than me for 4 years and I had terrible reject for this kind of love BUT NOW, I realize that everything is possible to me if I have tried to face every problem that appeared in front.

Oh, my dear, you are the only one right now who can read my mind well and treat me even better then whatever I did more for you. Promised, I'll love much more and well-keeping your love.

Dear, you made my friends jealous on us!


Monday, July 7, 2008

New Start New Life

Finally, I'm gonna to write another new blog... Let's guess, how long i can keep this blog update weekly or monthly?

It was already my Year 2 Sem 1 in TAR College, still having Diploma Degree. It is bored and quite dislike it! Hate those floating tutorial presentation and even that heavy works - ASSIGNMENTS! Wish this kind of study life can be ended soon but gonna go for getting a DEGREE as my dad want me to do so.

Let see

Can you guess how thick is it? It is the 3rd text book I bought until now, It is full with texts! FAINT @~@

Besides that, I also bought a new SIM card for my K700i (my old phone), It's DiGi, have to buy it to make the communication between my friends and I to be cheaper, especially with my love one. Can this make her happy? HaHa! I think it is won't work well.

What is that KeyChain / PhoneCharm that DiGi gift? Who is willing to help me make it as PhoneCharm? It is very weird, the insertion point is too small! How come they will design this kind of "SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION"?

Oh, my Dear, glad to know you. Thank God that God'd keep an eye on me :D