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Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Long Recent

Recently, I'm just in busy mood and in busy condition. Already finished the 2nd final exam for my advanced diploma.

Woot! Paid 500% efforts on all 4 subjects but need thanks to the one was really worry bout my sickness during the last subject. It is a little heart pain while she was suffering as serious than me and there have all packed papers for her.

What a streak of papers? OMG...

God bless her is a keen girl that is always put efforts. I'm guilty if compare with her. Kind of worry bout her result rather than my stupid advanced paper for mobile computing. Haha!

Nervous... 2nd in March is going to release the results.... Weeeee~ I'm hope everything are in flying colors. =P boost up to 3.500 CGPA!!! Go Go Go~! I will always support you and pray for you in any fields that you may wish for scoring well and here you should know who you are.

Here now are the 3rd semester for my advanced diploma. This semester is going to be kind of relax but some stupid things are going to be rushed and more stress while configuring the networking equipments for CCNA3 ... isshhhhhhhhhhhh!!! RM1000++ if we did DELETE FLASH:

Besides that, I had presented HOMOSEXUALITY in Bahasa Malaysia... LoL!!!! Actually I'm quite support on bisexuality rather than homosexuality, anyway, everyone should have their rights to choose their partners if they like it and not against their belief and religion. *psss pss* *LMAO*

Through this, I find out there are really a lot of cases of homosexual activity in Malaysia and a deep sympathy bout the case HOT in the court recently.

(Guys... I'm normal and never ever try homosexual. Don't play play)

Oh ya... My subjects for this semester are Moral dan Etika (assignment title is about Eutanasia dan Bunuh Diri), CCNA3 and Final Year Project seminar (in progress in group with meesin).

This is Photoshop edition from one of my captured photos and dedicated to my gang, 5wolf!!!

But it is too bad about that recently was a case happened among of our friends and we lost a friend too. Honestly, I'm not really like about the attitudes of the "defendant". Why not try to get an explanation to bring up a defense and make all things up to the clear screen so everyone will know about what is going on and they may have someone to help you. Are you think you are the character in the drama and do you think that will be help you out of trouble in the court?

Don't be a naive and think about that the way of you are talking is always right.

I'm DAMN HOPE this case is closed file up to this and everything is settled. Please, everyone please change your own negative attitudes and including me as well.

Lastly, let's go up to my love story... I cannot really count up to how long that we know each other, the her that I was saying about, but there is a real fun to be able chat and sms with her. (I'm not daring to call her due to she seem like won't receive my calls, I think I made up to 7 missed calls from the moment I had her number)

To all fella, sure you are can't imagine that she is a kind of real close to me, in term of characteristic, attitude, thought, favourite and may be others too. Somehow, we are different in horoscope and there mean us have not really a good relationship and might be keen to tight up the closeness.

I do really not know about she was around my community for up to 12 years, same primary school, same secondary school and same college, even she is younger than me one in the year... Did we were staying in the same kindergarten before? HAHA!!

Maybe It was not a good timing that we know each others, it is either earlier or too late, but I'm believe that you will give me an answer soon. In the free times after the final exams, I was keep thinking about that how much I want you even we are not really meet and know the each others. In another hand, I'm deep confusing about that do you are caring about me and would you hand me an any chance?
Just let me have a day or half in only few hours that outing with you either in two or gangs...

However, I'm realize that I still same as the old me when still be with the ex. Similar feelings and thoughts are coming bust off my mind and I really wondering how long that I could wait for. Give up?

Girl, if you want to reject me, please do not say any turning around sentences like "I'm not a good girl", "You will get a better one" and etc. Although, I'm just believe in appreciate or not. You or me are not the one is able to judge and predict about the futures but I hope we are the one can make the real assumption or conclusion once we are real communicate or live in together.

Or, please reject me in words of "I will not accept you", "You are not the one I'm looking for", "Scat off, you are annoying" or anything that is straight to the point. Otherwise I will think that I still have a chance and I will fight until that I feel tired.

Sorry to bother and annoying you always.
Fried Squid

Finally, I'm hereby to wish all to have a very well
Chinese New Year!
For all those couples and those singles, tie up with your true love right now!
He He He He He

Friday, February 12, 2010

the worse of the worst

bad dream
more is going on


all floating in the moment right before CNY

more incoming...