Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What a very late post

Sigh... My internet connection was down from 13rd until yesterday! What a terrible world that is no internet...

During the days, I was missing my blog much and feel like gonna write so much, who knows that I was lazy until today. Haha! Thanks for Kent share the Jay's new songs.

My new shoe :D
I love it very much!
Sure, it was cost me RM259.90!

Adidas Paper Bag :D

Sunday, October 12, 2008



Supper on Genting in 10/12/2008 2:04AM

What for today!?
Same as previous!

Today my dear siblings and I went to grandma's house and having a simple dinner with my mum 
Miss her cook much :D
Then, we watched the Forensic Hero Season I ...

Around 10:30PM, I rushed back and waited for my gang, Quan and Kent, to have tea time with Hebe (actually named as Vickie) in OldTown... Quite nonsense we talked about and watching a "terror" fight between Quan and Vickie but I was been pinched by Vickie innocently....
During that time, Quan already think to have supper at anywhere but he decided to have it on Genting after we fetched Vickie home.

After staying in my house for while, we started our journey to Gothong Jaya on 2.04AM... (In the half way, we were realized that Quan's handset was left in my house)
Even though,  we just head to the destination where we decided. A lot of Subaru Impreza were there! Excited! 
We were being there for around 2 hours with a pot of tea and a plate of Mamee Spareribs Rice per person.

Wow! Really hope that I was driving a FD2R that modified by myself and fetching someone on beside.
(Enraging! Why I didn't take any photo!?)

Saturday, October 11, 2008


确确实实的我把你给吓到了吧?早前想把感情的事一直拖着下,看看到以后顺其自然的;现在觉得像你那么好的女生,总有一天,或许短时间内,一大堆的人就会要争求你吧;好的人没有只是那一个,我想与其等着一个超长的未知数倒不如试着Fight for another possible, in case of 有意思的。







写着的时候,我的WMP在播着 Josh Franks - Can't Do 接着 Leona Lewis - Whatever it takes, 却让我想不到能再写给你多长、该写些什么……


Mahjong Puzzle

These days without Internet connection works in my housing area, I went to friends' house for to play mahjong. During the rest time and I made this! :D

The tallest one I made

What in Sem 5?

Another starting point in TARC again, Year 2 Semester 2.... A lot of hard subjects appeared but I think I will not treat them like Data Communication anymore. It's feel so sorry to them are putting hope on me, my parents.

Internet Programming 
- ASP.Net with C#

Electronic Publishing
- Project related, CyberLaw and PhotoShop CS3 (weird with PS CS3, why it is needed? But glad to having this practical because I can advance more in photography skill!)

Managing Information System 
- another Information subject again but this time it mostly related on Management level rather than the principles and technology.

Behavioural Science 
- I love this subject before I attend the lecture but still wondering what will be continued after that. (LOL) Psychology subject major in Industrial / Organizational, the lecturer said this is only the introduction, not a full face.

Discrete Mathematics Structure - Lame with this, heard it is covered a wide field so it distributed to 2 parts and handle by 2 lecturers. Go through the Chapter 1, it is always only a theory part, does it need a lot of calculations? Challenging my mind?

Ouch! Please let me get 3.8 in the end of Diploma! Should I pick the expert and challenge the mini project in the coming Semester 6? It's bias and unfair to my friends if only allowed 2 members in a group. HATE IT! Guys, I really wanna put AJAX skill and sharp the C# in ASP.Net so I could know where my standard in. Be patient...

This semester is suffering because it is another long semester with the crazy time-table. Who know it start from 9 in the morning and end on 6 in the evening. We are going to study or work? Even long break time, 4 hours break time continuously in between of 2 classes that only take 3 hours... Frustrated!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


  1. 没有人比我更爱你
  2. 我欠的是一个在我背后的人
  3. 如果我有钱的话
  4. 明天的我一定会走运
  5. 我不怕死,可是要照顾家人,没辙
  6. 不用紧,行行出状元
  7. 只要骗得了自己,就骗得了全世界
  8. 做大事,就要做到最狠 
  9. 没有事我是做不了
  10. 哎哟,我都没有讲我会完
  11. 到最后还是自讨苦吃
  12. 我还要你教么?
  13. 不如就这样一笔勾消

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My favourite car

The car I love most sure is the Honda Civic Type-R (Model Code: ABA-FD2 / FD2R)
But now have to introduce some other Good Car too...

Toyota Mark X ZIO (In M'sia it is under Lexus)

and this is the TRD modified Mark X ZIO
Cool, right?

Next is the new Honda Jazz / Fit!
I think most of people will love it very much!

This is Mugen Jazz / Fit with SuperCharger, is it heard fierce with the "SuperCharger"?

J's Racing Jazz / Fit

The last one I would share is the Honda S2000 AP1

Very good design for the front bumper right? This is modified by Mugen and shown at Tokyo Saloon 2008.
If you are check from Mugen Exciting 2007 website, then you will be shocked by the 1 with projector fog lamp, it is extremely cool!